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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

The Saved Seed
by Brenda Moore – JE 635 Moo | Nonfiction, Plants, Gardening
Bright glossy illustrations combined with rhyme make this book engaging for young children. Discover where seeds come from and explore the process of saving seeds to grow your own pumpkins next year. (WV)

Engineered! Engineering Design at Work
by Shannon Hunt — j 620 Hun | Nonfiction
Learn about how engineers use math, science and technology to solve problems. This book has nine amazing stories about different engineering fields. Filled with colorful illustrations that take you through each step of the engineering design process. (KW)

by Marc Harshman and Anna Egan Smucker — j 728.372 Har | Nonfiction, Architecture
One of the most famous buildings in the world is Fallingwater, a house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. Here is the story of how this structure came to be. When Mr. Wright was old and hadn’t done much lately, he dreamed about it for nine month until he put the plans to paper and then had it built. (RD)

The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming
by J. Anderson Coats — j Coa | Historical Fiction
Jane’s widowed stepmother expects to find a rich husband in Oregon Territory after the Civil War, but neither the journey by ship nor the Territory itself are what anyone expected. Nevertheless, eleven-year-old Jane is determined to build a new life there. Spunky Jane’s first-person narrative is engaging and the descriptions of late 19th century life are eye-opening for 21st century readers. (PS)

Bear Says Thanks
by Karma Wilson – E Wil | Picture Book
Bear misses his friends and has the great idea to make a giant feast and invite everyone to dinner. He is very sad when he realizes he is completely out of food. Before long, each of his sweet friends shows up with a bit of food, and together they make a wonderful meal they can all enjoy together! Readers will enjoy this wonderful book in Wilson’s “Bear” series, which shows the power of friendship and teamwork. (EK)

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again
by Dan Santat — E San Picture Book
Humpty Dumpty is afraid to climb the wall again after falling off of it, but he overcomes his fear by choosing to do it again. A good book about facing your fears! (EM)

How to Be an Elephant
by Katherine Roy — j 599.67 Roy Nonfiction, Animals
A baby elephant weighs over 200 lbs. at birth, but its baby body is built to stand up and walk right away. Its nose and ears will have amazing skills! What all does a baby elephant need to learn? Find out by reading this clearly written and beautifully painted book. (AE)

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