The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


I lovethe fixer politics! I really love politics.  I love the analysis and the calculations and watching alliances being built and/or crumbling  And during an election season, I love a good political thriller.  Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ new The Fixer series totally hits the spot!  Start with Book 1: The Fixer and I guarantee you will be aching for the sequel Long Game, which comes out in June of this year!

Tess Kendrick has a very strong sense of right and wrong and it’s right to keep people from meddling in the affairs on her Grandfather’s ranch.  When the secrets she has tried so hard to hide are revealed, she is shuttled from Montana to Washington, D.C. to live with her estranged sister, Ivy.  Tess has never forgiven Ivy for promising to take her to D.C.  years earlier, then backing out with no explanation.
Once in D.C., Tess finds that Ivy has been leading a very secretive and explosive life.  She is a Fixer, the person you call when you need a political scandal to disappear.  Ivy is fierce and dedicated and her reputation terrifies her foes.  Tess doesn’t want to be anything like Ivy, but within her first week at a posh Hardwicke School, she finds that she has the same knack for taking care of problems.
Ivy is fixing things on a national level, including the mysterious death of a major political figure, while Tess is making sure certain bullies with politician parents are kept in their place. But, as the sisters lead parallel lives, they are also keeping a lot of secrets–especially from each other. And when these stories come out, their worlds become very dangerous, indeed.  Tess might be in way over her head, but there is no way she is backing out of this fix!

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