The May Queen Murders


Don’mayqueent let the month pass you by without checking out  The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude.  This is one of the most twisted and creepy horror stories I have read in a long time!

The “hillfolk” of Rowan’s Glen are a superstitious and secretive clan.  Outsiders mistrust them and nobody has ever forgotten the murder of Terra, the last girl to be crowned May Queen of the Glen.  The rumors that her murderer, Birch Markle, still roams the surrounding woods have made the community effectively cut off from the rest of the area.

But, Ivy loves the Glen.  It’s the only home she has known.  She’s best friends with her cousin, Heather, a free spirit who seems almost charmed in her luck and happiness.  She’s shyly falling in love with Rook, her other best friend, a boy she has known forever.  She loves the Glen’s ways and traditions and is sure the outside world is wrong about her people.

Then, animals start showing up dead, all from very unnatural causes. First smaller ones, then on to bigger ones…..animals who have been important to Ivy or her loved ones.  Someone has started murdering in the Glen again.  This time it looks like Heather and Ivy are the ones in his sights.

SCARY!  Leave the lights on and fall into the haunted, horrific world of Rowan’s Glen!