Lois Lane: Fallout

Lois Lane is one of the most unsung heroines in the DC Universe.  She’s best known as Superman’s love interest, but even with her keen intelligence and journalistic talents, it takes FOREVER untiloise-lane-fallout-finall she realizes there is anything unusual about Clark Kent!

This is why I love Gwenda Bond’s series dedicated to Ms. Lane.  By reimagining her as an intrepid teen who is cyberfriends with a dude with the online moniker of Smallville Guy, Lois gets to shine as the heroine of her own stories.  In Fall Out, she and Smallville Guy (Yeah, ok, Superman!) have to outsmart some bullying gamers who call themselves The Warheads.  Lois is witty and smart and a whole lot of fun.

The second book in the seried “Lois Lane: Double Down”  will be available this month at SDL.


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