Apocalypse Taco

I have always loved Summer Reading Programs. I used to ride my bike to my local library branch and check out so many that it was almost impossible to balance the load on the way home.

So, this year, as well as doing the Adult SRP at SDL, I am also going to do the Teen SRP Book Genre Bingo. Read five books across five different genres, log them on your account, and be registered in the grand prize drawing for a brand new 10 speed bike!

Starting off my bingo card, I read the new Nathan Hale graphic novel “Apocalypse Taco”. Frankly, he had me at the title. I love tacos, I love end of the world stories, and I love Nathan Hale!

In “Apocalypse Taco”, brothers Ivan and Axl have accompanied their drama teacher mom to the High School for an overnight lock-in to make sure the set is completely ready for the opening night of the musical “Brigadoon”. But, when they run of out food, Ivan and Axl head off with their friend Sidney for a midnight snack run. What happens next takes ‘Apocalypse Taco” into the bizarre, science fiction terror that Hale is already know for.
At Taco Bear, it seems that the drive through might not be working, but a the window, a strange hand reaches out and deposits the tacos into Sid’s lap. The tacos start to move. Then attack. The crew finds themselves in a strange alternate version of the world. One where there are cloned duplicates of themselves, shape shifting cars and a slimy, sticky ground that is intent on swallowing them whole. Their best bet for help is from a grad student named Wendy who appears with multiple mutant arms attached to her body, which she uses to fight off the attacking vehicles.

It’s weird, it’s funny, and it’s fun! Making their way out of this parallel universe means getting back to the Taco Bear where this all began and it takes all of their talents, wits, and one very special truck to get them there. Definitely two thumbs up!