We Were Beautiful

I should have known that “We Were Beautiful” was going to be a tear-jerker. Author Heather Hepler (Jars of Glass, Scrambled Eggs at Midnight) is a master of the art and this one did not disappoint.

It’s been almost a year since Mia was in the car accident that killed her sister, Rachel. Mia has been left badly scarred and spent the year in a cloud of surgeries, hospitals, guilt, and depression. Her mother has left the family and is barely in communication and her father won’t even look at her anymore.

When Mia is sent to live in NYC with the grandmother she has never met, she can’t imagine ever feeling normal again. To complicate matters, Mia has very little memory of the accident, just a gut knowledge that it was her fault. She can’t remember what happened, but she is living in a world that doesn’t let her forget.

Her grandmother has arranged for Mia to work at the busy Brunelli cafe, run by matriarch Nonna and staffed by a crazy array of Brunelli family members. Spunky Fig takes Mia under her wing and begins to help her find a way to live her new life. Getting to know Fig and her friends, Mia starts learning that she isn’t the only one with a painful past. Add a blossoming attraction to artistic Cooper, and Mia starts to feel alive again. She just doesn’t think she deserves to be.

Redemption, forgiveness, pain, and healing. Mia remembers when she and Rachel were beautiful. She needs to find a way to continue living a beautiful life in her new reality.

Seriously, get your Kleenex out!