Aurora Rising

Aurora Rising:

The acclaimed writing duo Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have done it abut with the introductory volume in the Aurora Cycle: Aurora Rising. On the cusp of the draft in which star cadet Tyler Jones gets to assemble his Aurora Academy Squad, he gets lost in the Fold and rescues cryosleeping Auri from her vanquished starship. Tyler, having missed the Draft, is left with a squad of misfits, the cadets nobody else wanted.  But it’s not his crew that becomes his greatest concern.  Auri wakes up 200 years in the future, learning that her entire family is gone and she is now stranded on a space colony far from home. And it appears she might just be the catalyst for an intergalatic war, hundreds of years in the making.

Kaufman and Kristoff, authors of the Illuminae Files, combine high tension drama with comedic timing that make this a fun summer read.  Ty’s squad and his attempts to captain them all call to mind the slapstick snark of Deadpool 2.  Auri’s growth from terrified foundling to alien battling heroine will have you cheering, and waiting to see where the series takes you next!