Here There Are Monsters

Are you ready for a seriously creepy read?  Amelinda Bérubé’s latest takes us on a dark and sinister journey to try to save a life.  Skye has always been responsible for her puzzling, unusual sister.  Deirdre prefers to live in fantasy worlds of her own creation, where she is Queen and Skye is her protector.  After they move across the country, Skye is hoping for a new start.  One where is isn’t known as Weird Deirdre’s sister.  She starts to make friends and pulls away from Deirdre’s games and obsessions.
However, when Deirdre goes missing in the woods behind their new home, Skye is pulled back into being the “Queen of Swords”, the knight who must rescue the “Queen of the Realm”. Skye soon discovers that the monsters and kingdoms Deir created have inexplicably come to life and have created a life or death game she must play to get her sister back.

Did I mention this book is creepy?  Deliciously, compulsively creepy.  The kind of book that will give you shivers and make you wonder just how far you would go to save the ones you love.
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