Dynamic duo author Georgia Bragg and illustrator Kevin O’Malley are back with the third installment in their gruesomely fun history series.  Caught! Nabbing History’s Most Wanted contains fourteen of history’s most infamous stories of scoundrels, cons, and troublemakers who were all eventually caught in the act.  If you are already familiar with How They Croaked and How They Choked, you know that Bragg’s retelling of history is part snark, part gore, and total fun.  Caught! does not disappoint.  With chapters ranging from “Jesse James: Momma’s Boy” to “Mata Hari: I Spy A Bad Girl”, Bragg offers up hilarious anecdotes, factoids, and contextual history.  Each chapter ends with facts and stats about the profiled scofflaws, such as Typhoid Mary’s signature dish: peaches and ice cream and the truth that raw fruit and dairy products are the perfect avenues for passing germs.
Facts, fun, and plenty of gross out moments await!  Check out Caught! Nabbing History’s Most Wanted