Tigers, Not Daughters

Life was sad for the Torres girls before.  But, after the death of eldest sister Ana, things completely fall apart.  Jessica, once brash and confident tries to become Ana.  Iridian, the one most like Ana, shrinks into the shadows and becomes scared to even leave their home, and Rosa turns to her faith and a belief that she can somehow commune with wild animals to understand Ana’s death.  Their father, Rafe, already a very needy man with his own miseries, alternately lashes out at the sisters and begs for them to save him.   The grief is awful, but the home becomes unbearable when Ana’s ghost comes to try to finish unsettled business.

This book is simply spectacular.  I read it over a 6 hour period, unable to put it down except to make lunch and answer some emails.  Mabry’s prose drips with anguish and regret, and the multiple characters and POVs are deeply nuanced.  I haven’t loved a book this much in a long time!  Short listed for my choice for best Teen book of the year!

Put Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry on hold today!