Again Again

E. Lockhart’s newest novel is a dizzying ride through the multiverses Adelaide Buchwald’s lives through one summer. A year after a family catastrophe (and tragedy), Adelaide finds herself on academic probation at the fancy boarding school where her father has had to take a job. She’s been dumped by her boyfriend and is living separately from her mother and brother. Soon after, she ends up in a “meet cute” situation with a young man who she meets at a dog park. But, that’s just the beginning of the story. A story that takes many different forms, as the different choices Adelaide makes change the outcome and trajectory of her life.

Falling in and out of love, learning who she is or wants to be, reconciling or not with her brother…….every choice Adelaide makes leads to a different outcome.

Inventive and complex, compulsively readable and a wild ride.  This is E. Lockhart at her best!

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