Loveboat, Taipei

So, I think we can all admit that it would be lovely to take a break from it all and disappear into a new world with fewer worries or cares.  Since we are all still here, however, books are the perfect virtual escape.  And Loveboat, Taipei is the brilliant adventure you need right now.

A gifted student, Ever has usually breezed through whatever challenges come her way.  But when the top level college rejections start coming in– and in an effort to hide her desire to be a dancer, not a doctor— Ever agrees to go one a summer immersion trip to Taiwan.  Her parents are expecting this trip to be a strictly educational affair, where the goal of learning Mandarin will boost Ever’s resume.  Yet, once in Taipei, Ever finds that the program is actually one that lets her experience freedom for the first time.  Laughs, loves, and secrets abound in the Teen “Meet”-Market that is dubbed Loveboat.

Fun, sassy, funny.  Oh, and it’s already been optioned for film by the producers of Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before!  Read it before you see it!
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