Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From

First generation American Liliana Cruz’s life seems to be going off the rails.  Her dad has left the family and her mom won’t say where he’s gone.  Her mother is depressed and angry, but also demands perfection from Liliana.  She’s been awarded a spot in a prestigious program at a new high school, but it means leaving her inner-city Boston neighborhood to travel into the suburbs to attend an almost all white school where the handful of students of color are also part of the magnet program.

Lili, as she allows herself to be called at school, tries to fit in, being quiet, keeping her head down—-until she realized that if she doesn’t speak up for herself, nobody else will.  When a series of racist events (online and in person) occur at school, Liliana finds her voice and demands change.

Not only extremely timely, this important novel is full of unforgettable characters and scenes that will make you take notice of the ways privilege can be enacted.

Author Jennifer De Leon is the second recipient of the We Need Diverse Books grant. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From is her debut novel.

Please a hold on Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From today!