Cinderella Is Dead

In Sophia’s world, Cinderella really existed as the beloved Queen who “stood alongside” her husband, Charming. But she has been dead for 200 years.  Charming and the subsequent kings (each more evil than the last) have made the Story of Cinderella required reading and cultural law for all citizens.  When a young woman turn sixteen, she is compelled to attend the ball, dressed in finery most cannot afford, or risk being banished or disappeared. Those not picked for marriage are shunned and after they turn 18, considered forfeit.  Sophia has long known that her parents expect her to attend, even though they also know she has no desire to marry a man.  Her actions before, during, and after the ball put her on the run from the tyrannical King and his henchmen.  With the help of the sole surviving heir of the stepsisters (don’t call them wicked!), Sophia aims to take down the oppressive patriarchy and end the reign of terror.

Kalynn Bayron’s take on the Cinderella tale is fresh, tense, and redemptive.   Sophia’s determination to live her own life is strong, but her character’s development to be a champion of equity for all is empowering.  This radical retelling of the age old tale will leave you cheering.  AND, Bayron has also created a Spotify playlist to go along with the book.  How cool is that!

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