Ghost Wood Song

The end of summer always feels like a great time to read a Southern Gothic. These stories are equal parts dread and longing, combined with the rich atmospheric background of the Deep South.  Ghost Wood Song totally hit the spot for me.

Shady Grove’s life has been surrounded by ghosts.  Her father, a master fiddler, used to be able to raise ghosts with his homemade fiddle, by playing with a fierce mix of rage and sadness.  Since he died four years ago, Shady has been trying to find a way to connect with the ghostly voices she hears around her, hoping that they will bring her closer to her Daddy.  Shady is certain that if she can figure out how to play her fiddle just like he did, that she will get answers to the secrets that seem to swirl around her family.
But, when her brother is accused of murder, Shady’s desires become obsessions.  If she can just find Daddy’s fiddle and play it right, she can bring back the dead to clear Jesse’s name.  The only problem is, it seems as if one of the ghosts wants her dead as well.

Old ballads of homicides, piney woods with whispering ghosts, swarming wasps, lakes that want to drag you in……..these are all parts of Shady’s life, and if she’s not careful, her death.

Super creepy! A slow burn debut that will suck you in.
Place a hold on Ghost Wood Song today.