The Liars of Mariposa Island

After being abandoned by their father, Elena and Joaquin Finney are raised by their mother, a former debutante who escaped Cuba during the Revolution. For Elena, her entire existence is governed by Mami’s tough, nonsensical rules.  With one friend and no social life, Elena doesn’t think there is ever going to be a future away from Mariposa and Mami.  Joaquin, on the other hand, is aching to leave.  He wants to go to California, to find the father who left them.  Constantly clashing with his mother, his anger simmers just under the surface, but so does his shame.  Life has been crushing to Caridad since her parents sent her on the children’s transport to her new life in America.  Unable to reconcile with her past, she has become the type of mother she never wanted to be.
For the Finneys, there are secrets going back generations, clandestine relationships, and concealed truths that threaten to break all of their defenses.

A story that burns with quiet heartbreak, The Liars of Mariposa Island explodes when unexpected reveals change how Joaquin and Elena view their parts in the destructive dysfunction of their family.
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