Our Chemical Hearts

The abundance of YA series adaptations and stand alone movies on streaming platforms has been a bright spot for me this year.  With so many wonderful stories, it’s great to see Teen books and authors finally getting the notice of those in charge of the big and small screens.  One of my favorite adaptations this year is “Chemical Hearts” on the Amazon Prime streaming platform, because the original book “Our Chemical Hearts” has always held a special place for me.

Henry and Grace do not present as the next great love story.  Henry, a full-fledged romantic, has never fallen in love.  Grace is obviously harboring secrets.   New to their school, she does little to fit in, in fact it seems she’s trying to actively repel anyone who gets close to her.  As they begin to work together on the school newspaper, however, feelings develop.  But this is no cookie cutter YA romance.  Sometimes there are challenges too big and hurts too deep to allow anyone a happily-ever-after.  Is this what is in store for Henry and Grace?

Witty and weird, beautiful and broken, together and alone.  Figuring out first love is never easy.
Place a hold on Our Chemical Hearts today!  (And don’t forget to stock up on Kleenex)