Kiki’s Delivery Service

I absolutely love Studio Ghibli movies.  Kiki’s Delivery Service was one of the first films produced by the studio and has always been one of my favorites.  Kiki’s feelings of being totally ordinary are in stark contrast to her sweet nature and the fact that she is a witch who has the ability to fly.  When I first saw KDS, I had no idea it was based on a novel.  Written in Japanese, in 1984, Eiko Kadono created the story after seeing a picture her daughter had drawn of a witch flying through the air listening to her radio.  Kiki developed from there, turning into a character who comes to realize that her everyday magic is, in fact, special.

The book was first published in English in 2003, but has been out of print for a number of years.  This summer, Delacorte Press re-released Kiki’s Delivery Service in a beautiful new edition.  The Kiki on the cover might look a little bit older than the Kiki you remember from the movies, but it also feels like seeing a friend from your childhood for the first time in ages.  Welcome back to book form Kiki!  You’ve been missed.

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