Friday Fast Picks: Make a Difference!

The young organizer of the #100blackgirlbooks campaign explores the power of activism, drawing on her personal experiences to counsel readers on how they can work together to make positive changes in their communities in the areas of literacy and diversity.
This book suggests different ways of helping the environment at the community level, including planting a community garden, building nesting boxes for birds, and organizing a litter pickup.
This work of nonfiction, in the PopActivism series for teens, looks at how you can use a smartphone as a tool for social justice.
This book contains seven strategies that children can use to make an impact in their communities and promote peace and tolerance.
Do you want to be an Upstander who makes the world a better place by standing up to bullying and injustice in your school, home, or community? If so, this book is for you! You may doubt that one kid can make a difference, but you can. Small changes can lead to bigger and bigger changes!
This is a stirring look at nonviolent activism, from American suffragists to Civil Rights to the Climate Change Movement.
Each of the forty women profiled in this illustrated YA book demonstrates how women are capable of political and community leadership and activism. Readers will be inspired to pursue their own goals of social change.
Meet 25 young people who changed the world! Learn about some of the most gifted and brave young people on the planet and the great things they achieved. From musical geniuses to environmental activists, Young, Fearless, Awesome is packed with inspiring tales of passion and courage.