K-Pop Confidential

K-pop fans, rejoice and get ready to take a deep dive into the back side of the music industry.  Candace Park has always thought of herself as a stereotype, the obedient daughter who doesn’t make waves.  But she harbors a secret that she has to let out, she can SING.  When she is chosen from among thousands to become a trainee for a brand-new K-pop girl group, her life goes from totally ordinary to spectacularly wild.  But the closer she gets to her dream of fronting the band, the more she discovers about scandals and lies that the industry is trying to hide.  Candace has to find a way to be true to herself and not give away her shot!

Risk-taking, coming into her own, self confidence, speaking up for herself…..all of these are things that Candace has to navigate, with the whole world watching.  A debut novel by author Stephan Lee, an editor for Bustle.  If you love K-Pop, you are going to want to read K-Pop Confidential.