Peace, Love, and Action: Everyday Acts of Goodness

It’s no hyperbole to say things have been really stressful lately.  Before you read this week’s Katie’s Pick, I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and release your tensed up muscles.  Enjoy this last bit of late fall sunshine.  Hydrate.  Eat something good for you, that tastes good!  Give yourself a big mental hug.  It’s ok to be stressed out.  We all are.  But, please make sure you are giving yourself the same kind of care you show other people.  YOU deserve it.

Now, for this week’s pick, let’s talk about putting some good into the world.  When we all do our part to do this, life is more fair, loving, and peaceful.  Peace, Love, Action!  by Tanya Zabinski offers us an alphabetical listing of things to do and spotlights certain activists who have changed the world by their commitment to their causes.  Whether it’s “B is for Breathe: Thich Nhat Hanh” and being inspired to use mindfulness and meditation to create inner peace or “P is for Plant: Wangari Maathai” and making plans to help heal the earth by regaining fertile land through tree planting, there is something to inspire everyone.  Each chapter ends with a list of what you can do and more information to follow up with new found interests.

Place a hold on Peace, Love, Action! today and get ready to do good acts!