You Should See Me in a Crown

Have you seen The Prom on Netflix yet?  Are you ready for some more campy, awkward prom adventures?  Leah Johnson’s debut novel You Should See Me in a Crown is exactly what you need.  Liz Lighty is super smart and super ready to be done with her small, prom-obsessed town.  But when the scholarship she was relying on getting for college falls through, Liz realizes that the scholarships awarded to the Prom Queen would help get her plan back in action.  With the help of some oddball friends and the major distraction of Mack, a new girl who is also running for Queen, Liz’s senior year is nothing like she had planned.

An awesome addition to the #OwnVoices works,  You Should See Me in a Crown is laugh out loud funny, but with a very poignant and sweet side.  Particularly Liz’s dealing with her mother’s death from (and brother’s diagnosis of) sickle cell anemia and how the grandparents have stepped in to keep the family together.  Lots of layers for a book that could easily be seen as just a rom-com, but also a really FUN and necessary rom-com!

Check out You Should See Me in a Crown!