Fast Fridays: The backstories of Presidencies that you might not know.

The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot To Kill George Washington by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
In 1776, an elite group of soldiers were handpicked to serve as George Washington’s bodyguards.  Washington trusted and relied on them, but unbeknownst to him, some of the guards were part of a treasonous plan.
Swanson deploys his signature “you are there” style — a riveting, ticking-clock pace, with an unprecedented eye for dramatic details and impeccable historical accuracy — to tell the story of the JFK assassination as it has never been told before.
George Washington by TIME for Kids
The father of our country remains a mystery to too many of us. Now TIME tells the full, fascinating story of the Virginia planter who fought for Britain in the French and Indian War, led a rag-tag colonial army to victory over the British Empire, and was elected the first President of the United States.
Discover the incredible true story of America’s forty-fifth president : his questionable political and personal conduct and his unprecedented rise to power.
In this retelling of one of the biggest scandals to rock our nation, a “fly on the wall” narrator takes us through the trials and tribulations of the Nixon Administration. Comprised almost completely of primary source quotes (good thing Nixon’s recorder was on) and interspersed with contextual narrative, this book tells the story of the Watergate scandal in an extraordinarily immediate way,
Kanefield examines the life of America’s 32nd president: his birth into one of America’s elite families, his domineering mother, his marriage to Eleanor Roosevelt, his struggle with polio, and his political career.
Lincoln’s Generals edited by Gabor S. Boritt
In Lincoln’s Generals, Boritt and his fellow contributors examine the interaction between the president and five key generals: McClellan, Hooker, Meade, Sherman, and Grant. In each chapter, the authors provide new insight into this mixed bag of officers and the president’s tireless efforts to work with them.
Andrew Jackson tells the story of one of our most controversial presidents. Andrew Jackson, a polarizing figure both in his era and the current, ignited a populist movement that remains a powerful force in national politics.