The Phantom Twin by Lisa Brown

Jane and Isabel have worked as a sideshow attraction since their parents sold them to a carnival barker at the age of three.  As conjoined twins, they are made to dance and sing or just be put on display for gawking crowds. The only true family they have are the other members of the troupe, people who live on the fringes of society and are extremely distrustful of townies.  When an ambitious doctor woos Jane and convinces her that he can successfully separate the two, Jane (the more forceful twin) makes a decision that changes their lives.
Now, after the disastrous surgery, Iss finds herself alone in the world…..except she’s still accompanied by Jane’s very unhappy ghost.

The graphic novel format for this story is striking and the tale, while spooky and dark, does have a surprising sweetness.  Brown does a good job of explaining carnival and sideshow lives, while also showing that there is often more to any story than what meets the eye.  Definitely a recommended read for those who like their graphic novels with a touch of heartbreak.

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