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Apply for a Library Card

Library Cards are available to:

  • All property owners and residents of the Saline Area School District for free.
  • Educators who work in the Saline Area School District are eligible for an Educator Card for a yearly fee of $15.
  • School of Choice students who attend Saline Area Schools are eligible for a Student Card for a yearly fee of $25.

Those who neither live nor own property within the Saline Area School District are eligible for a Non-Resident Family Card for an annual fee of $150.

If a library card is lost, the replacement fee is $1.00.

If you meet the requirements above and are at least 18 years old, click on the button below to apply for a library card. Once you have filled out the application, you will receive a temporary barcode number so that you can place holds on items.

In order to complete the application process and check out items you must bring a valid form of residency verification (such as driver’s license, mortgage or lease, tax receipt, utility bill, etc.) to the library or email a copy to our Support Services Manager, Arlene Wall, at You will receive your library card with your full barcode number after your address is verified.

Yes, I meet the requirements above

Renew a Library Card

Resident library cards need to be renewed every 2 years (yearly for all others). To so so, please bring a valid form of residency verification to the library or email a copy to our Support Services Manager, Arlene Wall, at


ItemDaysNumber*Fines per Day
High Demand Books, Audiobooks, or Music CDs14Per item type$.50
High Demand Books (Over 500 pages)2830$.50
Audiobooks & Kits2810$.15
Music CDs2810$.15
DVDs & Blu-Rays710$.50
ETC Collection142$.50
Mobile Hotspots141$5.00 (+$25 reset fee)
Interlibrary Loan Items28 (or as lending library requires)70$.50

*The maximum number of items charged to a single card at one time.
Note: Most items may be renewed one time in person, online, or by telephone.



Library Card Password/PIN

You will need a password/PIN to access your library account online and to access some of our online resources. We recommend a number 4-8 digits long for ease of access across multiple resources. If you don’t already have a password or have forgotten yours, you can log in to your account and click on “Forgot your password?” to create or reset one.

Catalog Requests

Saline District Library patrons may place a request for an item in the library’s catalog using their library barcode number and password. Please be aware that “available” items may be checked out before staff is able to fill requests. Items will be returned to the shelf if not picked up in 4 days.

Reading History

If you would like to have a record of all the items you check out maintained on your library account, log in to your account and go to the Reading History tab. Click on Change Preferences and check the box to begin maintaining a permanent reading list. Please note that library staff are unable to access your permanent reading list.

Lucky Day Collection

Lucky Day books and movies are purchased for high demand titles and paid for by the Friends of the Library. They are available for checkout on a first come, first served basis, and are not included in the holds queue. Lucky Day items cannot be held or renewed and the fine for overdue items is $.50 per day. The checkout period is 2 weeks for books and 1 week for DVDs. Lucky Day copies are located on the New shelf and are indicated in the catalog with [Lucky Day] in the title.