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Our collection and services are specifically geared for grades 6-12. We have books, graphic novels, magazines, games, and computers in our Teen Room, with manga, anime, and music located directly outside of the room. We also offer download subscriptions for movies, books, music, and comics, as well as a full calendar of programs and events.

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Again Again

E. Lockhart's newest novel is a dizzying ride through the multiverses Adelaide Buchwald's lives through one summer. A year after a family catastrophe (and tragedy), Adelaide finds herself on academic probation at the fancy boarding school where her father has had to take a job. She's been dumped by her boyfriend and is living separately from her mother and brother. Soon after, she ends up in a "meet cute" situation with a young man [...]

Friday Fast Picks: History You Might Not Have Learned About in School!

History You Might Not Have Learned About In School A Few Red Drops by Claire Hartfield This mesmerizing narrative draws on contemporary accounts as it traces the roots of the explosion that had been building for decades in race relations, politics, business, and clashes of culture in Chicago in 1919. -- Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team by Steve Sheinkin A great American sport and Native American history come together in this [...]

Tigers, Not Daughters

Life was sad for the Torres girls before.  But, after the death of eldest sister Ana, things completely fall apart.  Jessica, once brash and confident tries to become Ana.  Iridian, the one most like Ana, shrinks into the shadows and becomes scared to even leave their home, and Rosa turns to her faith and a belief that she can somehow commune with wild animals to understand Ana's death.  Their father, Rafe, already a very [...]