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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

by Pádraig Kenny – j Ken | Fiction, Steampunk
An orphan who works for a maker of mechanical children learns that he’s not a real boy—and yet he has memories. Then he’s kidnapped and his fellow “mechanicals” set out to rescue him. Set between World Wars I and II, this alternate-history science fiction is full of chills and thrills, good and evil, heart and soul. (PS)

Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole
by Stan and Jan Berenstain — JE Blue Ber | Beginning Reader
A penguin gets a journal in the mail and is excited to begin writing his book. He goes out to find interesting happenings, but finds nothing. What he doesn’t see is that all the things he imagined and wanted to see are really happening – right behind him. (RD)

Owling: Enter the World of the Mysterious Birds of the Night
by Mark Chester Wilson – j 598.97 Wil | Nonfiction, Birding
Learn about the behavior of 19 different species of North American owls. Also, read about their awesome hunting abilities using their remarkable eyes and ears, about their birdcalls, and where they like to nest. (EM)

The War Below
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch — j Skr | Historical Fiction
Here is an unflinching and poignant retelling of World War II experiences in Eastern Europe. Caught in both Nazi and Soviet occupations, labor camp escapee Luka tries to find family and friends as he learns about trust and betrayal, hope and reality, and joins the Ukranian underground resistance in the Carpathian Mountains. Pair this with Making Bombs for Hitler. (AE)

Hello, I’m Here!
by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder — E Fro Picture Book
A delightful story and beautiful photos take you through the first day of a Sandhill Crane chick’s life through the eyes of the baby crane. Learn even more details about Sandhill Cranes in the book’s back matter. (EK)

The Mississippian Culture: The Mound Builders
by Louise Spilsbury – j 977.3 Spi Nonfiction, Archeology
The Mississippian Culture existed in the area which is now the southeastern United States, from about AD 800-AD 1500, along the fertile banks of the Mississippi River. They are called Mississippi Mound Builders because of the mounds that they built and left behind for us to study. Learn about their culture. (LD)

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