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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Daniel’s Good Day
by Micha Archer — E Arc | Picture Book
As Daniel walks to his Grandma’s house, everyone tells him to have a good day. While talking to his neighbors, Daniel realizes having a good day means something different to everyone. Find out what a good day means to Daniel at the end of this sweet story. (EK)

I Am a Tiger
by Karl Newson — E New | Picture Book
Mouse declares to all he meets: “I am a tiger.” But real tigers have bigger GRRRRs, they hunt, and they have stripes. Mouse continues to convince everyone how unique a tiger he is. But what happens when a real tiger shows up? You’re in for a surprise and some laughs! (AE)

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger — E See | Picture Book
Have you ever wondered WHY? This little rabbit is lucky to have a friend, Bear, who will always answer his why’s. Even though sometimes there is no answer. This is a sweet story of friendship and trust. (JL)

School of Fish
by Jane Yolen — JE Yellow Yol | First Reader
Join a young fish on his first day of school. It’s very exciting and a little scary, but everyone else is feeling the same way. He makes a new friend and keeps remembering to stay calm and have fun. Hooray for school! (LD)

Clackety Track: Poems about Trains
by Skila Brown – j 811.56 Bro | Poetry
From “Morning in the Yard” to “Sleeper Train,” this treat for train-lovers will delight both eyes and ears: short poems and large, old-fashioned illustrations make a lively read-aloud! (PS)

by John Feinstein – j Fei Fiction, Sports
Andi Carillo, who is the second best player, tries out for the sixth grade boys’ soccer team, but is refused a spot on the squad, because she is a girl. With the help of Jeff, another soccer player, the media gets ahold of her story, and the coach is forced to let her on the team. Will the coach and her teammates finally accept her and let her play? (EM)

Moonshot: Flight of Apollo 11
by Brian Floca – j 629.45 Flo Nonfiction, Sibert Honor
From training to lift-off, on the moon and then back to earth again – this book shows the entire adventure. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin are the three astronauts who took the trip. They recorded every detail for us to experience along with them. (RD)

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