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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Da Vinci’s Cat
by Catherine Gilbert Murdock — j Mur | Fiction, Time Travel
11-year-old Federico and Bee are the most unlikely friends. Federico is a 16th century Roman political hostage and Bee lives in present day New Jersey. With the help of a friendly cat and a mysterious cabinet the two meet and the adventure begins! Bee realizes the cabinet can help her travel in time, she gets Federico to help her save a friend back in Jersey and Federico gets a much needed friend. This fantasy story is a little bit of historical fiction mixed with time travel and a lot of fun! (JL)

Dream Dancer
by Jill Newsome – E New  | Picture Book
Do you like to dance? Lily does! In fact, she dances all the time; even in her dreams. However, when Lily falls from a tree and breaks her foot, her plans to become a ballerina are doomed… until she meets a very special friend that gives her the hope she needs to get back up again. (MG)

Patty Hits the Court
by Patty Mills with Jared Thomas — j Mil v.1 | Fiction, Sports | Game Day! series
If you like sports stories with lots of play-by-play action, give this series a try. NBA star Patty Mills tells the story of his introduction to basketball in fifth grade. Patty usually excels at sports, so he’s shocked when he is NOT great at basketball. Thanks to a good coach, encouraging parents, and lots of practice, he turns that around just as his team gets to the finals. Will they win? That would be telling! (PS)

The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. (as told to his brother)
by David Levithan – j Lev | Contemporary Fiction
One day, Lucas’ older brother just disappeared. For 6 traumatic days, an all-out search was conducted, and everyone in the community was involved  from classmates to police. And then, just as incomprehensibly, he reappeared. Lucas was the one who found him. Aidan had an unbelievable explanation. Who believes in the truth, if there is such a thing? (AE)

The Perfect Sofa
by Fifi Kuo – E Kuo | Picture Book
Panda and Penguin decide that perhaps they need a new sofa, so they go shopping. They sit on a lot of different sofas, but none of them seems just right. In frustration, they go home and realize that what they wanted was there all along! (LD)

The Search for Salt
by Shalini Vallepur – JE 664.4 Val | Nonfiction
Find out where salt comes from, how it is cleaned, the different kinds of salt, and its uses. (EM)

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