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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Pearl Harbor
by Kate Messner — j 940.54 Mes Nonfiction, History, World War II
This is part of a new series called “History Smashers,” intending to expose the hidden truths behind the slanted stories told in common history lessons, such as, that the Pearl Harbor attack took everyone by surprise and happened without any warning signs. It may be dismaying to realize how much history repeats itself, but you’ll get a great overview of how and why the United States got involved in World War II. Similar in style to the “Who Was…?” series. (AE)

Ten Beautiful Things
by Molly Beth Griffin — E Gri Picture Book ebook on HOOPLA
Lily is moving in with her grandma in Iowa and is sad about the change. To get her mind off her situation, her grandma suggests they look for ten beautiful things as they travel to her new home. (EM)

by Cynthia Lord — j Lor | j CDAB Lor | Realistic Fiction | ebook on OVERDRIVE
Catherine’s brother David has autism, and a lot of the time it feels as if her family’s life revolves around his behavior and care. All she really wants is a chance at a regular, boring life and maybe a new friendship, which she ends up finding in an unexpected way. A touching book about love, understanding and acceptance. (EK)

The Ickabog
by J. K. Rowling — j Row Fiction, Fantasy | ebook on OVERDRIVE
In an old-fashioned once-upon-a-time story, two conniving lords have taken over the running of a tiny kingdom called Cornucopia. They are making the lives of the people miserable, but good King Fred has no idea this is happening. Meanwhile, the lives of two almost-orphans are headed toward a confrontation with the supposedly mythological Ickabog, a monster who eats people (especially children). Will there be a happily-ever-after? (PS)

The Last Rabbit
by Shelley Moore Thomas — j Tho | Fiction, Fantasy
Albie wasn’t always a rabbit, and just two years ago there weren’t any rabbits on the island of Hybrasil – just four sisters and an old man. Now the island is sinking, all of her sisters have gone, and she must go, too! But she needs to right a wrong, because mistakes have consequences. Does she find forgiveness? Is she able to reveal her secret wish and discover her inner strength? (JL)

The Smartest Kid in the Universe
by Chris Grabenstein – j Gra Fiction
Jake McQuade thinks that he is the coolest kid in seventh grade at Riverview Middle School. He considers slothfulness to be his superpower. Being smart is not a priority for him until one day he eats some experimental jellybeans with surprising results. Maybe super smart Grace Garcia will notice him after all, and he can help save his school! (LD)

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