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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Wedgie & Gizmo
by Suzanne Selfors — j Sel | Fiction
Gizmo, an evil genius guinea pig and Wedgie, a superhero dog become one family when their owners move into the same house. Wedgie loves guinea pigs, but Gizmo thinks he is annoying. He develops an evil plan to get rid of Gizmo. Will his plan work? (KW)

Chester Nez and the Unbreakable Code
by Joseph Bruchac – j 940.54 Bru | Nonfiction, World War II
When Betoli was 8 years old his name was changed to “Chester” so he would fit in a white man’s world. His Navajo language was deemed worthless and not to be spoken. When World War II broke out, he was one of the codebreakers by using the Navajo language, which helped win the war. (RD)

My Friends Make Me Happy!
by Jan Thomas – JE Yellow Tho | First Reader
There is something special that makes Sheep very happy! Can his silly friends guess what it is? Hint: It’s not turnips! Funny animal friends and silly pictures make this book a fantastic early reading pick! (EK)

Goldfish on Vacation
by Sally Lloyd-Jones — E Llo | Picture Book
Join a family whose fish go on vacation. This vacation for the fish helps the whole city become a community. Taking fish on a vacation becomes a tradition for the city. (WV)

Hello Hot Dog!
by Lily Murray — E Mur Picture Book
After hot dog has been resting on a comfortable hot dog bun, he realizes that he is about to become someone’s lunch. Can he escape before he is a goner? A very funny book! (EM)

The Read-Aloud Family
by Sarah Mackenzie — j PTP 649.58 Mac Parents/Teachers/Professionals
This one is for adults. Sarah Mackenzie is the founder of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. She discusses why reading aloud to our kids is vitally important and suggests ways to make read-aloud time a joy and not just another chore. Mackenzie writes from a Christian perspective, but she has good advice and some terrific read-aloud suggestions for everyone. (PS)

Under Their Skin
by Margaret Haddix – j Had Science Fiction
Nick and Eryn are pretty typical 12-year-old twins. Their divorced parents get along just fine, too. But when their mom and new stepdad start acting weird about stepsiblings they’ve never mentioned before, Nick and Eryn decide to investigate on their own. What they uncover is a sci-fi world they never EVER imagined – robots, video messages from eras long ago – all affecting the fate of humanity! (AE)

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