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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Not If I Can Help It
by Carolyn Mackler — j Mac | Contemporary Fiction
Willa adores dogs, living in the city, and her best friend Ruby. She copes with a sensory disorder and takes comfort in certain things staying certain ways. When she finds out her Dad has been secretly dating Ruby’s mom, her whole world feels thrown off course and she’s not handling it well. Will she find a way to feel comfortable with all the changes even when life throws her even more curveballs and challenges? (EK)

by Anna Kang — E Kan | Picture Book
Eraser is tired of cleaning up everyone else’s mistakes and no one appreciates her work! Pencil is praised for being sharp, tape and glue help everyone stick together, and of course, everyone loves paper. Soon Eraser figures out her job is very important: she creates second chances! (JL)

by Paul Griffin – j Gri | Fiction, Suspense
After five teens from a top-notch academy are headed home from a summer camping trip, they realize their private-owned plane has been hijacked and is headed in the wrong direction. Can they somehow break into the cockpit and overpower the hijacker? Who is the on their side, and who is the hijacker? Recommended for grades 5 & up. (EM)

Mary Blair’s Unique Flair
by Amy Novesky — j 921 Blair | Biography
As a child, Mary loved color. Her family moved to California and she got a job at Disney Studio. She worked on Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and her greatest job for Disneyland… “It’s a Small World After All.” (RD)

Understanding Money
by Eddie Reynolds — j 332.4 Rey | Nonfiction
From little coins of metal to the worldwide varieties of paper money made with such intricacy as to avoid attempts at counterfeit, money is everywhere. How did money get started? Is money really real, even when banks don’t actually have the physical thing? How does the Federal Reserve control the value of money? Is money really “the root of all evil”? This is a great introduction to the topic, even for adults! (AE)

Digging Deep: How Science Unearths Puzzles from the Past
by Laura Scandiffio – j 930.1 Sca Nonfiction, Archeology
New techniques are making archaeological discoveries easier, and the study of them less intrusive. Some included here are the stone age “iceman,” the lost (and found) remains of a king of England, Chauvet Cave (now resealed) and more. Fascinating! (PS)

Chomp: A Shark Romp
by Michael-Paul Terranova – E Ter Picture Book
This colorful book shows how varied the world of sharks can be. They come in many different sizes and shapes and have very different habits. Some live at the bottom of the sea, and some live where it is very cold. There are some that are solitary, and others live in schools. If you are lucky, maybe you can see some at an aquarium one day. (LD)

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