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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden
by Karina Yan Glaser – j Gla | Fiction
With nods to The Secret Garden and Mandy, the four siblings (from The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street) are putting their energy and love into an empty, weed-infested lot. Their neighbors have longed for a community garden, and now Mr. Jeet is ill. The children hope garden “magic” will make him well. Lovely family, lovely read. (PS)

Bird Watch
by Christie Matheson – E Mat | Picture Book
Learn the different names of birds and count them as you search for them in their environment. Wonderful illustrations! (EM)

by Kayla Miller — J Graphic Novel Mil | Fiction
Fifth-grader Olive has plenty of friends, but doesn’t feel like she really fits in with any certain group. When her friends start grouping up for the school variety show, Olive finds herself without an act to join. Will she find her place in the show? Find out in this graphic novel many kids and adults alike will find relatable. (EK)

How to Talk to Your Computer
by Seymour Simon — j 005 Sim | Nonfiction
This is a simple explanation of computers to young children. It says to explain everything in step-by-step right order so the computer will understand. It explains words like “a loop,” “a function,” and “a condition.” The simple drawings help to illustrate each step. (RD)

Wicked Nix
by Lena Coakley – j Coa Fiction, Fantasy
The woodland fairy Nix has been left alone by the other fairies to protect the forest from people. One day, a determined man moves into the forest and refuses to leave in spite of Nix’s efforts to drive him away. Nix is curiously drawn to the man who refuses to be scared by Nix’s tricks. Eventually, they discover a secret from the past that changes their lives forever. (LD)

Babies Can Sleep Anywhere
by Lisa Wheeler — Board Book Whe or E Whe Board Book, Picture Book
Kitties might snooze on a chair, but babies can sleep anywhere. Turtles tuck into shells, whales settle down in the deep sea, cougars curl up in a lair, and sweet little human babies can sleep anywhere! Rhythmic, vocabulary-building, and sweet – a nice book to share with your littlest ones. (AE)

The Very Impatient Caterpillar
by Ross Burach — E Bur Picture Book
A group of caterpillars prepare to go through metamorphosis. One caterpillar is still learning how the transformation into a butterfly works. His caterpillar friends try to teach him patience, but he soon learns that waiting is hard. Will he turn into a butterfly before his patience runs out? (KW)

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