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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Into the Blizzard: Heroism at Sea during the Great Blizzard of 1978
by Michael J. Tougias – j 910. 916 Tou | Nonfiction
In 1978, a great blizzard hit the Massachusetts coast. Two ships were caught in the storm and sent out a mayday for help. How Capt. Frank Quirk saved the men is a harrowing story. (RD)

Silly Stories
by Paul Virr — JE 817 Jus | Humor, Jokes
Do you love to laugh? Always ready with a great joke? If so, this book is for you! Full of bright pictures and clever and hilarious jokes, this book is sure to have you giggling! Check out the other books in this series, “Just Kidding!” (EK)

Polly and Buster: The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster
by Sally Rippin – j Rip v.1 | Fiction, Fantasy
The least successful witch in her school (Polly) and the least successful monster in his school (Buster) have been best friends for years. Unfortunately, witches look down on monsters and monsters avoid witches. Lots of illustrations and varying typefaces add to the charm of this friendship story. (PS)

Not a Butterfly Alphabet Book
by Jerry Pallotta — j 595.78 Pal | Insects, Alphabet Book
If you think moths are brown and boring, then you must reconsider and read this beautifully illustrated book. From A to Z enjoy learning about these gorgeous, no, not butterflies, moths! (JL)

by Gordon Korman – j Kor | Fiction, Mystery
Centerlight Island is very unique. It has an international border running down its center. Half is in Michigan, half is in Canada. And ZeeBee never forgets which side she’s on. She is convinced her dog was murdered, that the gangster days of crime are not really over, and that Tommy-gun Ferguson’s gold is still hidden on her island. Why will no one believe her? Maybe Keenan does, but he’s only a visitor. (AE)

Five Minutes (That’s a lot of time) (No, it’s not) (Yes, it is)
by Garton Scanlon – E Sca Picture Book
For a young boy, five minutes can seem like a lot of time, but at other times it can go by way too fast – depending on what the activity is. A hilarious book with funny illustrations! (EM)

The Great Fuzz Frenzy
by Janet Stevens – E Ste Picture Book
When a dog drops a tennis ball down a prairie dog hole, the prairie dog community is thrown into a panic. What is this mysterious sphere? Why is it so fuzzy? When they almost lose one of their family to a hunting eagle, they learn that keeping your family safe and working together is more important than how much fuzz you have. (LD)

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