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Youth Staff e-Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

96 Miles
by J.L. Esplin – j Esp Fiction, Survival
After a massive power outage, John and his brother Stewart, who are left alone, are forced to walk 96 miles in the desert heat in rural Nevada to get help after they are robbed of all their survival supplies. Meanwhile, they encounter Cleverly and her brother Will who make the grueling journey with them and they worry that they will run out of water before they make it to their final destination. (EM)

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
by Mildred D. Taylor – j Tay Historical Fiction, Newbery Medal OVERDRIVE
Cassie lives on her family farm in Mississippi during the 1930’s Great Depression. Cassie’s family is hard-working (besides the farm work, Mama is a teacher, and Papa goes away to work on the railroad), honest, and struggles to maintain its integrity – even when the white folk despise them for their independence and pride. This is a powerful classic, reminding us – still today – that a person’s goodness is never determined by skin color. (AE)

Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business
by Lyla Lee — JE Red Lee First Chapter Book
Mindy is the new kid in school, she is sad because there is no one there that looks like her, and at lunch, the other kids make fun of her food. She decides, with the support of one new friend, to start trading snacks and ends up breaking the school rules and getting in trouble! Will this ruin her new found friendship? (JL)

Thump Goes the Rabbit: How Animals Communicate
by Fran Hodgkins – JE 591.59 Hod Non-fiction, Animals HOOPLA
Animals communicate in many different ways using not only their voices, but also their bodies. Bees dance to talk to each other and elephants flap their ears. Animals communicate about danger, territory, food, and even just to say hello! (LD)

All the Greys on Greene Street
by Laura Tucker – j Tuc Contemporary Fiction OVERDRIVE
Olympia loves living in a NYC loft with her artist parents, but life changes when her dad runs off to France with a Frenchwoman, and her mom goes to bed and won’t get up. Ollie can’t get help from Dad—she doesn’t know where he is, and now he’s also suspected of stealing an important art object. Who can Ollie trust as she faces all this? Tucker’s book is a mystery and much more. Highly recommended. (PS)

Llama, Llama Mess, Mess, Mess
by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan — E Dew Picture Book
Mama Llama is busy cleaning and would like her little Llama to help with picking up. Of course, little Llama Llama would much rather play! Well, guess what? So would Mama! In a silly turn of events, readers see what would happen if Mama just stopped all the cleaning and played all day instead! A valuable lesson in the importance of balancing work and fun featuring the Llama family everyone loves! (EK)

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