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Youth Staff Picks

Mrs. Schaffner browses for her next Staff Picks title!

Little Witch
by Anna Elizabeth Bennett – j Ben Fantasy ebook on HOOPLA
Minikin Snickasnee has one wish: she wants to go to school like other children. Unfortunately, she is a witch’s child and must learn to behave like a proper witch’s child. Then one fateful day Minx decides to follow her heart – with results that are quite surprising! (PS)

The Plastic Problem: 50 Small Ways to Reduce Waste and Help Save the Earth
by Aubre Andrus – j 363.728 And Nonfiction, Pollution, Environment ebook on HOOPLA
This book has descriptions of different types of plastics and their properties. Are they recyclable or not? Are they safe to reuse? How long does it take to break down? There are tips for alternatives and ideas for reusing and recycling. Very informative! (LD)

Trouble at Table 5: The Candy Caper
by Tom Watson – JE Red Wat v. 1 Fiction, First Chapter Book, Series ebook on HOOPLA
Molly becomes obsessed with knowing how many Skittles are in the principal’s candy jar and gets her friends involved in her plan – even if she has to risk getting in trouble with the principal. (EM)

Lila and Hadley
by Kody Keplinger – j Kep Fiction
Hadley is adamant: she is NOT a dog person. But fine, she’ll go along with her big sister Beth to the rescue center where she works. Whatever. Mom just went to jail, and now she has to live with the big sister who ran away from home. Hadley is so angry at the world. And then Lila, a pit bull at the rescue center, looks at her. Who needs who more? Hadley is nearly blind; Lila has nearly given up. Together – they give each other the spark of life to go on. (AE)

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla
by Katherine Applegate – j 599.884 App Nonfiction, Animals HOOPLA
Baby Ivan was born wild in the jungles of Africa. One sad day, he was stolen from his mother and he and another infant gorilla were put on display in a shopping mall in the United States. For a short time, he stayed with a pet store owner’s family until he became too big to handle. He lived many lonely years in a cage until people protested his treatment and demanded he be moved. Finally, Ivan was given the life he deserved. (EK)

The Blue House
by Phoebe Wahl — E Wah Picture Book
Leo and his dad have lived in the blue house for as long as he could remember. It wasn’t perfect but it was home! When he finds out they have to move, he feels like no place else will ever feel like home. Find out how Leo’s dad helps him let go and make a new home. (JL)

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